HSLAB Print Logger SE

HSLAB Print Logger SE 5

Inspects the print jobs on a server

HSLAB Print Logger SE is intended for printers from print server, based on Windows. This software program inspects the print jobs from a server, where it is installed.

The main purpose of this program is to collect data about sizes in pages of local print jobs and record the information for creation reports about the print jobs’ data.

HSLAB Print Logger SE allows remote access to the print jobs’ data using any web browser or client software. You can set access rights for remote clients to the collected data.

Access rights can be defined based on a login name, a user's group or on IP address for the requested data. If a client’s software uses TCP/IP as a transport, reports can be accessed using a local area network or any IP-based network.

HSLAB Print Logger SE can also inspect sizes of print jobs based on defined quotas and deny printing if the quotas are exceeded. Quotas is a very effective feature for cost control because you can really save on a paper, ink, toner and expenses for service and repair.

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HSLAB Print Logger SE


HSLAB Print Logger SE 5

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